So much to blog, so little time

There's so many things I'd like to blog about it's hard to choose. I simply talk about 2 things for now and get to the rest another day.

I must first thank Morgan for the following tidbit. While I did not listen to our Fearless Leader's State of the Union address, we all know it was just a feel good speech to lull us into a false sense of security and prosperity. The article I linked gives the real facts, especially on our economy. As I'm sure most of you know, the economy is decent for those of us with jobs, but barely. This report has many interesting facts, such as the majority of new jobs last year were in health care and service (wait staff, bartenders, etc). If not for the 1.4 million new health care jobs, there would have been a net loss of jobs last year. Manufacturing jobs are being lost at an alarming rate and more concerning still, last year was the first year we imported more Advanced Technology than we've exported. Also, for the first time since the Depression, Americans spent more that they earned, mostly to pay for thier debt. This model the Administration is giving us of spending more money than you make is ruining the country. And he wants to make tax cuts permanent so we can continue to spend more than we earn.

My other topic is music related. As you may recall, I had a somewhat bad music day on Sunday in that I realized my chops were not up to par. I was woefully out of shape as a guitarist. So I've been trying to practice about 30 minutes a night. I must say my chops are returning quickly. I watched the Queensryche Operation:LiveCrime DVD last night and it has inspired me. I'm working out some new scale combinations to try and stretch my playing. I need to work in some play around time to try and write some new material. My best stuff usually comes from just playing around with chords.

So that's all I got for now. Oh, almost forgot, BUY MY CD NOW!!!! Ok, now I'm done.


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