Need your help


I'm home a few days this week as the boys are off from school with February break. One of the things the Wife and I are working on is picking a color for our two story hallway. We think we have one that would work nicely, but as the Wife puts it, we need someone with taste to tell us if we've picked something nice or if it will end up being tacky and garish. SOOOOO, I figured, why don't I ask my readers? You guys have taste, right? So, here's the background: We have a two story entryway, with stairs that go straight up, turn left, then go to the upstairs hallway. We have two options in painting. But first the colors:

Here are the colors we're looking to use. The main color will be the red on the right. It's Raspberry Truffle from Benjamin Moore paint. The other color is Interactive Cream from Sherwin Williams (in case any of you wants to look up the color pallates). Below is our hallway. We had 2 options:

Option 1: Go with the red on the wall with the door and the wall facing the door (the walls facing the camera in the first picture). The side walls and the upstairs hallway would be in Interactive cream.

Option 2: Paint all the walls in the hallway red. The upstairs hallway would be Interative cream. In the first picture below, all the walls would be red that you can see, except the wall you see at the very top would be cream.

In both options, all trim would be white.

My concern is that the red is too overpowering a color if we do the entire hallway with it. However, I'm not sure how it would look with half the entryway one color, and half another. Also, is that red a nice inviting color? We want something semi-formal in the entryway, but not too formal, if you know what I mean. Thoughts anyone?


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