The Wife Rocks!

I would like to take this post to say that my Wife so ROCKS! She also has a very nice ass, especially if she wears the lace panties she had on last night, but I digress.

For our anniversary, my Wife got me a panani maker (sandwich grill, for the layman). I had not had a chance to use it yet, and yesterday I broke it out and made some Cubano panini. This was a sandwich with mayo/dijon mustartd, swiss cheese, ham, turkey, salami, and dill pickles. You then place it in the panini maker which grills and toasts the bread, and makes the sandwich nice and thin. Oh, heaven on a roll! Being Italian, I'm a real sandwich kind of guy and I'm dying to try out more recipes.

I got hooked on panini sandwiches in France in my Navy days. We stopped in Toulon and everyone said I had to try a "smash" sandwich. Not know what one was, of course, I had to check it out. There were plenty of "smash" sandwich stands everyone so it was easy to do. Basically they take chuck steak, grill it in the panini maker, then place the cooked steak on a piece of french bread, with lettuce, onion, tomato, whatever you want. For example, I had a one buddy request fries with his sandwich and another requested chips. They got their fries and chips IN the sandwich. Which was quite tasty, BTW.

I must now begin my quest to recreate the "smash" sandwich and perfect the recipe. Wish me luck.

On another note, I received a rather lengthy email last week from the Retropolitan in response to my One True Faith post. I had hoped to come up with a response post addressing the main issues over the weekend, but didn't have time. I will try to respond in the next few days, as he brought up many good points. I have, however, create a link to the body of the email, if you care to read it prior to my response. Again, it raises many interesting issues.


Unknown said…
The sandwich I remember had a raw meat (hamburger?) spread on to a split french bread roll. The meat cooked on a grill so the juices could soak into the bread. Then fries, ketchup and mustard were put on and the whole thing was smashed in a panini style grill. The name looked similar to "tornado" but was a french name. This was 20+ years ago...

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