Weekend trip

We had a busy weekend. Friday night we left for Canada. We stayed at a hotel in anticipation of going to African Lion Safari on Saturday. The boys were excited about staying a hotel for the night and we stayed at a very nice Hilton Garden Inn. Saturday morning we awoke to the sound of rain. We weren't going to let the rain dampen our spirits however. We arrived at the park shortly after it opened and too the bus tour of the safari park. We could have taken our car through, but the Wife did not want to ruin her nice Vovlo.

Case in point is that part of the safari goes through a primate area with baboons. They climb over everything. We saw them jumping on and off cars, climbing in everything, and one even ripped the antenna off of a van. The tour was quite excellent. I have picutres posted at my Ofoto site. You can hit this link to see them.

After the bus tour, we tried to do the train ride, but lighting came out and the closed it. We went watch the elephant swim instead, where they let the elephants literally swim in this small man made lake for excercise. One of the pictures shows how hard it was pouring during that time. The rain kept coming on an off all day. We did manage to get on the train ride and the African Queen boat tour in between showers. On the boat tour, we managed to get on ahead of some other large groups. As it turned out, the lighting came back during our ride and they shut it down when we pulled in. Our timing was perfect.

The boys had a blast. We left Lion Safari somewhere around 4 pm and decided to see if we could spend a little time in Niagara Falls before we headed home. The skys were nice once we got about half way there, so we figured we'd luck out. The thunderstorms followed us. When we got to Niagara Falls, there were torrential downpours and lightning. We bagged it and headed home. We still had a great day.

This weekend was also the annual Chill-E Fest in our town. It's a weekend festival with food and rides. The highlight is a fireworks display Sunday night. We went out to check it out last night. The fireworks display we went to see July 4th weekend was kind of lame. This one made up for it. It was awesome and the boys really liked it.

On a final note, the Wife and I recieved our copies of the new Harry Potter book on Saturday. As you can see, with all the activities, I've barely cracked it. We're both on about chapter 4. So for those of you that have finished the book, NO SPOILERS! I'm sure I'll have the book read within the week, but I don't have time to devour it in a day like I would have years ago.


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