2 more for your enjoyment

I've added 2 new song clips to my website. They are called Lament and Matthew 7:25. Jude requested an example of a classical guitar song, so I added them. Matthew 7:25 is done all on classical guitar. Lament is a mellow song, as the title implies. There are only 3 tracks that I'm not putting up there yet. Two (Follow Me and For the Love of Miss E) I don't have on CD to rip to MP3. The last, I'm Coming Home, has such a TERRIBLE scratch vocal track that I'm embarrased to put it up. Also, the track I have is so different from where I am right now in recording the song that it's not representative of the final track. Jude, you'd like For the Love of Miss E, it's an instumental on classical and 12 string acoustic guitar.

My next studio date is July 30. A few more sessions and I'll be at the mix down stage. Stay tuned!


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