What a revolting development

I received an email last Friday from my MBA chair that one of the classes I'd registered for was cancelled. I was disappointed on many levels. First of all, it looked like a good course (it was an elective). It was on change management and that's been a big theme at work. Second, I had planned on reading all the textbooks for my courses prior to the semester starting. Of course, I'd read the books for that course FIRST. I'm on the last of my original textbooks so I'd have been done by Sunday for sure. Now I had to order a new textbook and have to return the ones I don't need (and pay return shipping). Finally, I had submitted and been approved for reimbursement for that course so now I had to resubmit the paperwork.

Basically a lot of hassles and a lost week of getting ahead in school. It was rather the annoyance. However, classes actually start on 1/18 so I should be able to do all the reading by then. However, courses go live online on 1/11 and I had wanted to be done reading by then so I could dive in WAY ahead of time. Oh well. I'll still be pretty far ahead of the game. Who knows, I may even be able to get a paper written before the semester officially starts. Am I being TOO motivated?


Jammie J. said…
One might think so, given that you read the text book before the class even got canceled. I would say "started" but that seemed the obvious choice of words.
Jude said…
No I don't agree with "too motivated", I think you're just really organized with your schoolwork and doing a good job of staying on top of everything.

Having this one cancelled just really sucks and I'm sorry to hear it. Like you said though, you'll still have a good chance of staying ahead. Good luck Vince!
sydwynd said…
Jammie: Yeah, I'm a little out of control I think.

Jude: I really was looking forward to that class. It looked like interesting stuff. Oh well. I figure it's better to get this stuff out of the way now and hopefully not be so pressed for time later. It might help me stay married through this year.
Kate said…
YES! :) But as a teacher I give you 2 thumbs up. It's so annoying when things work out that way...but I can't believe you admitted that you have read all of your books already!
sydwynd said…
Kate: Thanks teach! I've been a voratious reader and the first two books were interesting.

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