It's in the genes

Nicholas attended solofest last week. That's a twice a year event where musicians in the school districts in our county play solos for a judge to see how well they do. If they care to, they can compete for a spot in the all county band. Solos have different levels, the higher the level, the more difficult the solo. The difficulty of the solo goes into the calculation of whether or not you make all county band.

Nicholas did a level 5 solo (pretty tough for a 7th grader) and got a 97 out of 100! This not only qualified him to make the all county 7th/8th grade band, he is first chair! For the second time in a row! Meaning he's the best in the county among 7th and 8th graders at his instrument (the euphonium). Not too shabby for a budding mucisian! I found out from a music teacher friend of mine an 8th grader did the same solo as him and scored a couple points less and didn't even MAKE the all county band!

The funniest part was when I asked Nicholas how he thought he did after the solo, he said "Pretty good but not as good as last year. I messed up some stuff." He's SUCH a musician! We always think we suck. This I know from experience. Ellen and I are looking forward to seeing him again play in all county band. It will be his 3rd time. Christopher is doing a jazz solo later this week but we're not holding out for him to make all county jazz band. He plays sax and the competition is so fierce, nothing short of perfect will make it. We know some VERY talented sax players in Nicholas' band and they didn't even have a chance. But we're hoping he can get a good score!


Jammie J. said…
Congrats to Nicholas... what instrument did you say he played? (Sorry if I missed it.)

Good luck to Christopher. :)
Jude said…
Go Nicholas! That's awesome. Yep most definitely like father like son. :-)

Enjoy your warmer temperatures Vince! We have been around low 40's F highs and sunshine, but we're back to snowing again on Friday. Hubby just came in and said it's raining!
sydwynd said…
Jammie: He plays euphonium. If you watch Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium, you'll know what one is! I'll give Christopher your best wishes!

Jude: I think he's a far better musician than I. I never played 3 instruments that well.

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