Happy New Year

Can you believe another year has gone by? Where the hell did 2010 go? I'm still having trouble with the fact it's January.

I had a nice week off, but tomorrow it's back to the normal routine. In a way, it's probably a good thing. I OD'd on holiday eating and desserts and such. Also, yesterday was a REALLY long (if fun) day. We went to my mom's for "dinner" (meaning a big meal at 2 pm), had to run out of there early to get to Church to set up and play for Mass at 5 pm, then we ran to a friend's house to hang with them and a high school buddy that's home for the holiday. She works in Canada and only comes home a couple of times a year.

All in all that was the highlight of the day. We had a great time hanging out. Our friend has 2 girls that are the same ages as the boys so they had a blast hanging out together. As an amusing side note, Christopher had to wash his hair and look good before we went out there. He said it was because he was looking grungy but Ellen and I think it's because he was going to be hanging out with a very cute young lady.

Today has been a relaxing day just getting a few things done and watching some football. I've got a lot of work waiting for me when I get in tomorrow after being off for a week so it's nice to relax before diving back in. I've got one annoying school thing that happened on Friday but I'll relate that at a later time after it resolves itself.

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year and that 2011 is full of blessings.


Jude said…
Oh that's too funny about Christopher, he's at that age now!

It sounds like it was a fun day, and now like most of us you're slowly gearing up for a return to work. Vacation/holiday time never seems to last long enough in my opinion! LOL

Have a good first week back Vince.
Kate said…
Where the hell did 2010 go? If you find an answer, please let me know!!

Cheers to 2011 bringing you good health, laughter, peace, love and more happiness than your heart can hold!
sydwynd said…
Jude: Indeed. But to be fair, the young lady is very cute. Vacations never do last long enough. Oh well, got to pay for the toys somehow.

Kate: If I find out, I'll definately let you know! Many blessings to you in 2011 as well!

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