Small blessings

Sometimes it's the little things in life that make you happy:

  • I won't have to get up early tommorow to clean the driveway as the snow has stopped for a few days.
  • I figured out what else to get Ellen for Christmas since one of the gifts I ordered won't make it on time.
  • We made Cranberry Walnut Orange bread tonight to give as gifts to my band members. We had enough batter to make a half loaf and it was tasty!
  • I'm pretty much done with school for the semester with the exception of editing the work of others in my group. Which is easy. I like slashing...I mean editing other's work.

So I'm going to kick back and veg in front of the TV. Hope you all find some pleasure in the little things too.


Jude said…
It's the little things that can so often reward us with the most pleasure. :-)

"Slashing", hahaha!

Hubby will be glad when it stops snowing here too.
sydwynd said…
Jude: Sometimes all you got is the little things.

I learned the hard way with this group not to turn in something I wasn't satisfied with. So I made sure I was satisfied with the final result.

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