Pleasant surprise

One of my courses has been frustrating me a little because it seems like what we're discussing and doing assignments on has little to do with the course objectives. There is a somewhat political bent to the course which I find disconcerting. While I tend to agree with the instructor's positions, I'm not sure its appropriate for this course. In any event, I did a paper on a decision made by the Bush administration concerning the Iraq war. I chose the decision to go to war itself. I did a bit of research and put many hours into a paper that ended up 14 pages (double spaced). I just got the grade (a 97, which is VERY gratifying) and the following comment from the instructor, which gratified me even more:

"This is an outstanding paper. While I think you are very gentle with some of these decision makers, your thorough and intelligent evaluation of the events, and your reasonable integration of decision making bias insights into the process, are commendable.

May I ask a favor? My wife (an historian) would like to see a copy (I mentioned its quality to her). May I share it with her?"

Wow! That's the first time an instructor has asked to share anything I've written. Of course I gave my permission. I sometimes think I'm a little (or perhaps a lot) OCD about the work I turn in as I'm trying to get A's in all of my courses. Not sure if this means I am, or that I just put in the effort to do good work. Either way, I'll take it.


Jude said…
Whoa, that's quite a compliment Vince! Good job my friend! :-)
sydwynd said…
Jude: Thanks!

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