What are we coming to?

There's been some big controversy in our county legislature this week. It appears that one of the legislators used a hypenated word when referring to a member of the community that would be considered "diverse". You know the kind of word I'm talking about. The kind you only refer to by letter.

You're probably thinking someone used the infamous "N" word. But you'd be wrong. They used the "R" word. What is the "R" word you ask? I know my wife and kids asked the same thing. What the fuck are they talking about?

It appears that under their breath, a county legislator may have referred to someone developmentally disadvantaged as "a retard". My boys were confused as to why the word retard rated the same kind of political incorrectedness as the word nigger. They understand why that word is incredibly derogetory and rude. They also recognize that calling someone a retard is insulting and rude.

My question is, when did retarded become so derogatory that it rates being referred to only by letter? Is it so wrong for newcasters to simply state a legislator referred to someone as retarded and that it was insulting? Even people that came to the next legistlature meeting and were speaking at the podium called it the "R" word.

Is it just me or are we as a society getting out of control with our political correctedness? Are we going to get to a point where all "bad" words can only be referred to by letter? How stupid will be sound if start saying things like "I'd like to tell that person to "F" word themselves because they're such an "R" word "A" word"? Now, mind you, I'm not implying by any means that calling someone a retard is acceptable by any means. However, when my 10 year old thinks something is stupid and blown out of proportion, you might want to take a look at what you're doing. Kids have a pretty good sense about things like that.


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