Got my fix

We had fun on Saturday. We finally went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I thought it was quite good. Fairly faithful to the book. The stuff that was changed or left out didn't affect the flow of the movie. I thought the acting, especially the kid that plays Draco, was excellent. As always, Alan Rickman steals every scene he's in, but the gal that played Luna was awesome as well.

Afterwards, we did a little back to school shopping and grabbed a quick dinner at Wendy's. Since we were near a bike shop, we decided to pop in. I needed a new tire for my bike after putting a nail in it the other day and I'd get a chance to check out the bike I wanted. While there, I rode quite a few bikes. It's a huge store so they let you ride around inside. Which is great! After trying literally about six bikes, I think I'm going to get the below. It's a Gary Fisher Wahoo model. I did find out in the course of my research that a Wahoo is a kind of fish, and that Gary Fisher names many of his bike models after fish (Mako, Taropn, Pirhana, etc). Niether here nor there, but I thought I'd pass it along. Anyway, now I need to figure out if I'm buying this bike this year or next. We shall see.

Before I put up the picture, just a quick reminder. 4 more posts........


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