Stuck with me for a while

Looks like the Wife might have me around for a while. I went to see my doc today after having blood work done. They checked my glucose and cholesterol levels since I have a family history of diabetes and high choloesterol. I had it checked last year and there was some concern. As a result I changed my eating habits, began excersizing, and lost a lot of weight. The results?

My glucose levels are down and now in the normal range. My HDL (good cholesterol) is up and back in the normal range. My blood pressure is low. My heartbeat is slower (my doc said I had an athlete's heartbeat). She basically pronounced me completely healthy and implied I'd conquered (or at least held at bay) genetics. She suggests I keep doing what I'm doing and drink more water.

I'm going to celebrate by biking something like 8 miles tonight.

Oh, and BTW, 2 more posts......


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