Getting wet

This weekend was a planned white water rafting trip just myself and the boys. There is a dam on the Salmon River in New York and 3 times a summer they open the gates and lower the level resulting in some category 2 and 3 rapids. Ellen thought cat 3 was a bit much for her and decided not to go. The boys and I looked forward to the trip and as of Friday it looked like good weather. So, of course, we wake up yesterday morning and it's raining. Pretty well, too. And forcast was for afternoon thunderstorms. However, the trip was rain or shine.

It rained the whole way up there and we were standing around getting soaked waiting for our group to go down to the river. We were making the best of it, figuring we'd get wet on the river anyway so what's the big deal right?

Well, by the time we got to the river and were being oriented, the rain stopped. By the time we got the boats in the water, there was a scattered break in the clouds here and there. Less than 30 minutes after getting on the water, it cleared up completely and was a picture perfect day for rafting.

The boys and I had a BLAST! We crashed into waves, we got stuck on rocks and had to spin the boat around, we had to lay flat to duck under tree limbs when we got too close to shore, and we got wet! Both boys were yelling and wooping every time we hit a big one. It's too bad Ellen didn't come because I didn't think the rapids were too tough. I kept wondering where the "big" rapids were. However, this was the first time we did this so there was no way to tell. Next time, we definately bring her along.

Overall we had a very successful, if tiring, trip. Paddling on the river for 3 hours is hard work baby!


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