Days Like These

Today has been one of those days where it's hard not to take work home with you, at least mentally. Don't want to get into details. However, when I got home, I did some fun stuff. Ellen and I went out for a nice bike ride. Christopher went to a concert with a friend and Grasshopper had karate, so we went on a nice 30 minute ride. I got a flat near the end from picking up a nail in my rear tire, but that was ok. I also got a chance to mess around with move mp3's of my old band's music to make them sound a little better, so I'm happy with that. And very soon I'm going to kick back and read. So far, work is at arm's length.

BTW, if anyone would like a copy of one of my two songs, Remember When or Beg and Plead, I'd be happy email them to you. They're demos so they're not the best mix, but pretty good. My only restriction is that you don't redistribute without my permission. Artist copyright and all that. Make sure I have your email address and I can send one or both along.

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