On edge

Today's been one of those days so far. I've been completely on edge pretty much since getting up. There's nothing special I can point to and say "that's what's got me in a mood".

We had some wild thunderstorms last night. We had power going out every few minutes for a while, but that was just a minor annoyance. My morning routine got disrupted a little today. That can really throw me some days as I'm totally NOT a morning person, but it wasn't that bad. Had to wake up the kids since the alarm clocks were flashing. I dropped something on the floor last night that the dog chewed a little but even though we thought he heaved it up, I couldn't find anything. We got out the door a little later than usual, which I can find annoying but I was already really annoyed by then so that didn't matter.

Even when I got in to work this morning and read the daily scriptures, I had St. Paul yelling and shaking his finger at me. Ok, maybe he was just reminding me what an ass I can be but that didn't make it any better. Even after tiring my ass out with an afternoon workout hasn't done much. Oh well, I just need to get it together in the next 4 hours because I really don't want to take whatever this is home with me today. Some days are just.....just.


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