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We've got a quiet week this week. Maverick's off to Boy Scout camp so we're down to one child. It's so much quieter around here. We had a nice holiday weekend. On Friday, we went to see fireworks with Maverick's girlfriend's family. I did mention he's got a woman, right? She's a cute young lady and it was nice to meet her parents. But, man, is that boy already whipped. She was leading him around wherever she wanted.

Saturday was kind of a bum around day. We mostly got Maverick ready to go for camp. We had to get him up at 5 am on Sunday to get him to the troop by 5:30 am to pack the vans. You read that right. We were up at 5 am on a Sunday. Really fun. Howver, once I got him off, it was back to bed baby! We spend Sunday afternoon at a cook-out at my cousin's place. We chilled and had good food. Grasshopper even met some of the neighbor's kids and had kids to play with while we were there.

All in all a nice holiday weekend. Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th weekend as well.


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