A little of this, a little of that

Ok, just some updates on what's going on in my world

Guitar: I was thinking of going into excrutiating detail of everything I've done to get my baby back to where it should be. But that would take too long. Suffice it to say that I've tweaked it as much as I can and got it sounding 98%. I think I'll still keep my eye out on ebay for some vintage Yamaha pickups since the pop up every now and then. Next step I think is a second amp. Stay tuned.

Work: My plan is in motion. I'm making stuff happen. Working on the "easier to beg forgivness than ask permission" principle. It's gotten my this far. Wednesday I drove out to Schenectady JUST to attend a 2 hour meeting I wanted to be a part of. Showed of my mad IT skilz and my commitment to the organization. Made sure I checked in with the boss' boss and filled her in on some of the stuff I was working on, just in case my boss didn't get a chance to fully update her yet. Helped her with a PC issue and bonded a little. Touched base with some supervisor type peers and made moves to further my agenda. You watch me go.

Maverick: His soccer team played in a tournament today. Short long story, his team was down 3-0 at the half. They battled back and tied it up at the end of regulation. 2 overtime periods and it's still tied so they go to shootouts. And win! Tomorrow they play the team that plays dirty for the championship. We hope Maverick's team kicks their ass in a dignified, sportsmanlike way.

Grasshopper: We might have to kill him soon. Lately he's been argumentative about everything. And says things in a snotty tone of voice that makes you want to smack him. He's also totally kicking ass in his music lessons. He's working with his band teacher over the summer (she even comes to our house!) and she can't give him new music fast enough. He's even developing an ear and trying to figure out songs.

Wife: Is still smoking hot. And hating me for not buying enough junk food. With my concerns about diet now, and since I do the shopping, not much sweet snacks in the house any more. Hope she doesn't kill me due to withdrawal symptoms. But, as I said, she's still smoking hot. Especially when her ass wiggles walking up the stairs. Ah, the simple pleasures in life!


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