True Tales in IT

Couple of pictures to show you that I took with my camera phone. The first I thought would be a great way to landscape the front of the house. Not sure the Wife agrees:

The next image is a for real shot of our Webmaster's desk. We like to tease him about all the gear he has.

You'll notice (left to right) an HP 2715p tablet PC, iPod, HP DC7700 desktop PC, AND a MacBook Pro. Notice the five (count em FIVE!) screens associated with this rig. Add to this that he's running an application called Synergy which allows him to basically start his mouse on the tablet all the way on the left and continue seamlessly to the monitor all the way on the right. Also notice the little shield in the middle to reduce the glare from the overhead lights.

You might think I was jealous of such a rig. However, keep in mind that I evaluated (and used) every one of those machines (except the iPod of course). Meaning for a time each of those machines was mine. I gave them up because they made me crazy. In my role, I get to choose the gear I want so I always have a good machine.

Still, how many PC's does a guy need? Well, we just purchased a dual processor workstation for the web team as well (specs here for the truly geeky minded). We're talking the kind of machine a gamer would cream their pants over. That's how many.


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