Falling in Love Again

It has been a musically victorious pair of days.

The Wife's been wanting to see the orchestra at our local outdoor performing arts center, so yesterday I finally had time to check it out, and as it turns out, the last performace of the season is Saturday. Fanfare and Fireworks (1812 Overture, cannons, fireworks, the whole deal!). So I called her and asked if she wanted to take the family. Perhaps we'll sit on the lawn with a picnic basket and blankets and stuff. She thought it sounded great.

So as I'm on the phone with her, I get an email from HR saying they're giving away 15 pairs of tickets for Saturday's performance and the first 15 people to reply get them.

So guess who one a pair? That's right, me! Sweet! And they're for the reserved area of the center. So I went to the box office today to get tickets for all of us. Kids are half price so I got 4 great seats smack dab in the middle of the place for all of $26! Woot!

So as I'm walking back to the car from the box office, I notice a cool music store I'd not known of and decided to do a quick check it out. VERY nice stuff! Mostly violins, mandolins, acoustic, and semi-hollow guitars, but really good stuff. A few electric guitars (including a couple of REALLY expensive ones). Also, they had a couple of amps.

Now that I've finally got a great gain sound out of my Fender amp, I'm finding that I can't easily switch back and forth from a great clean sound. Solution? I got a line selector pedal that let's me switch between two amps. I was going to use my Princeton Chorus (the one I recorded with) for the dirty amp, and a little practice amp for the clean amp. However, the practice amp sounds like crap. Solution? Of course, get another Princeton Chorus amp! But Fender doesn't make them any more and they're too expensive on eBay.

So I'm looking at the amps in the store and they have a small used Crate amp with reverb and chorus just like my Fender amp. I plug in a guitar that's built similar to my Yamaha and try it out. SWEEEEET sound! And in the ballpark I want to pay! (You know, next to nothing.) So guess what came home with me!

Tonight, after rollerblading, I decided to sit on the front porch for a little and try the amp out. So I plug my baby into it, tweak the settings a little, and HOLY SHIT WHAT A SOUND! It was so awesomely kick ass I cannot even beleive! For a while I was concerned about the new pickup in the guitar, but if the tone is now a little different, it still kicks the ass of any other guitar I've played. The neck pickup is still a little stronger, but I'm really digging the tone out of both pickups and I can use the neck pickup for the most amazingly smooth, bluesy, Claptonesc solos you ever heard! I'm loving my baby like it's new again.

As a side note, I was reading about the new Les Pauls and the article was talking about all the things they're doing to increase sustain and I'm thinking, "Just build it like my Yamaha you idiots!" I keep searching for a guitar built just the way I want it and I keep coming back to the fact that the Yamaha SG2000 is that guitar. Since Yamaha reissued it, perhaps I should just sell my other guitars and buy another one and be done with it.

Hmmm.....sell all my other guitars and get another SG2000.........


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