Go buy this now!

I just recieved Deni Bonet's new CD, "Last Girl On Earth". You can check out her blog here.

Holy cow is it a great CD! I got a listen to the whole thing in my car and immediately ripped it to put on my Ipod. I'm throwing the CD back in the car for a few more listens. This will definately go into my heavy rotation file. I recommend everyone go and get a copy! It's amazing. Fave tracks: Fuck It (an anthem for whenever you're having a bad day), I Want To Get Arrested (Grasshopper really liked that one), and Life Isn't Fair. The violin arrangement at the end is hauntingly beautiful.

Many thanks to Deni for overcoming the USPS's lack of ability to deliver a piece of mail and getting me the CD. It was well worth the wait.


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