Work Woes

Not that work is going poorly, it's actually quite busy and crazy. However, I've had some frustration around improving my position. You may recall last month I had lunch with the CIO. I expressed interest in a position opening up soon that would be a significant promotion for me. We also talked about how I might gain more opportunities in the department. Well, since then I've heard nothing. Not that this is necessarily bad, since I don't see the CIO every day or anything.

However, recently my current boss has mentioned that he's interviewed a potential candidate for this position. He found it awkward since this person would be HIS boss. Not too fun interviewing someone you might report to. He interviewed this person twice. And this person is a friend of the CIO.

What annoys me most about the whole situation is that company policy states that all positions must be posted internally to allow existing employees a chance to apply before it becomes available to outside candidates. Any guesses as to whether or not this position is posted yet? Any?

Exactly. It's not. My biggest problem will come if we hire someone from the outside without giving me a chance to at least formally apply. I still might not get the job, but I'd like a chance at it. I know at some level the rules don't apply, but that would be blatantly unfair. Which is what riles me most.

However, I've decided to do the smart thing and simply pray on it. If I'm meant to have that job, then I'll get it. In the mean time, I'm doing what I always do. We've been going through leadership seminar's lately and the last one talked about influencing those things you have control over. I have control over who I interact with and how I interact with them. So I'm continuing to do that. I'm getting involved in things outside my normal area of expertise when the opportunity arises. I'm acting confident in meetings. I'm getting my ideas out to people that will listen. I'm taking opportunities to lead voice my vision for the future. In short, I'm doing the things I always do. Over the last few months I think more people in my department have come to realize my competence and that it goes beyond just my area of responsibility. Eventually, it will pay off. I just need to be patient.

Next week the boys are off from school so I'll be home. It will be a nice break from work, though it's a good bet I'll be doing some work from home to keep caught up. Too many important things going on to be completely disconnected for a week. Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm off to play Wii.


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