Weekend Wrapup - updated

First of all, while this is by no means any sort of sports blog, I need to give prop’s to the Wife’s team, the NY Giants, for coming up big in yesterday’s game. It was great to see an overly proud team knocked down and to watch the underdog win the big one. Plus, being a Miami fan myself, it’s nice to know that my team still remains the only one to be undefeated for the whole season.

On to other things. I didn’t put a bid in on the guitar. While it would be nice to have, that’s just way too expensive. Also, what I REALLY need to work on is my sound. Meaning, I’m looking at amps and/or a Line 6 POD. Without getting TOO technical, I really want that great early 70’s kind of overdrive that not only Queen got, but also like early Judas Priest. In order to get the Queen sound, I’d need a Vox AC 30. To get the Priest sound, I’d need a Marshall JCM800. Either is close to $2000. Although I could get an effects rig that would approximate both sounds for less than $500. So I’d rather spend my money on one of those. Besides, the guitars I have are more than adequate for what I do. Thanks to everyone for the advice.

The other big thing this weekend is that yesterday was Scout Sunday (in case you didn’t know). We had a very nice service at our church with about 50 scouts from the parish. Additionally, we just happened to schedule a Mass to honor the Wife’s parents yesterday. We didn’t realize the two would end up being the same day. The best part of all was that Grasshopper received the scout religious medal we’d worked on. Both boys were part of the service, but Maverick (being the shy one) only brought in the flag. Grasshopper did some readings in front of the whole congregation and did a great job! Then at the end of the service he was awarded his medal with some other boys. He was quite proud of himself! Afterwards we had a nice little coffee hour. The boys got to eat donuts and drink hot chocolate! Also, I was speaking with Grasshopper’s den leader and she asked me if I’d give her older boy guitar lessons. It appears I may have a student that I can mold into the next generation of rockers!

In other news this weekend, I got a chance to have coffee with my pay Roy. We chatted for a while and he’s doing well. He’s interested in auditioning for the band. It would be great to play with him again. He’s interested in writing original music which is something I’d like to do as well. So we’ll see how it goes! Could be some new and exciting things ahead!

So hope your weekend was fun filled as well!

Update - I almost forgot! Both the Wife and I saw an article about "specialty" cruises in the weekend newspaper. One was a blues cruise where you get to jam with blues musicians and hear great blues on the trip. However, just for my pals Julz, Aimee, and ESC, they have THIS. Go check it you. You'll thank me later. Or curse me for making you aware of it.


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