I done did it

Today being Super-Tuesday, I did my civic duty and voted in the NYS Democratic primary. And what an adventure it was! I literally did not know who I was going to vote for until I got in the booth. First thing I did was vote for 5 delegates to the convention. I looked at my choices and chose the women and foriegn sounding names. Why? Diversity baby! Why should all the old white guys get to go?

So then I need to make a choice for the presidential candidate. Before I can make a selection, my phone beeps. I check it, and I have a text message from a number I don't recognize. It reads: "Think of this as my one woman get out the vote text. Have you voted yet today?" Thats it. I later googled the number and it's an NYC number. Wonder who the woman was?

Anyway, I noticed Edwards was still on the ballot, so I think "Cool!" and pull the lever. Then I realize that I can't throw away my vote on a candidate that's not running, tempting though it was. So I unselected it. And selected another candidate. I pretty much let the Spirit move me. For some reason, my hand couldn't go to the top of the row and select that candidate. Those voting in NY will probably know who that is. So I selected the other candidate. Vote cast. Now we'll see who wins.

In other news, there's some stuff going on at work that is concerning me. More on that later. But I have some feelers out. I think I need to pray on some things and figure out what I need to do career wise. Not that I'm planning on leaving my company. Far from it. Question is whether to keep doing what I'm doing or take a shot at something else. I'll keep you posted.


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