Sometimes Work's a Pisser

Remember I mention I posted for a potential big promotion at work? Did I mention my boss had already interviewed a friend of the CIO twice for this position? That I was a little annoyed that it hadn't been posted so I could get a shot at it? And that it was finally posted so I applied and the forwarded my resme to the CIO?

Well, Tuesday we had a departmental meeting. And someone asked the status of that open position (not me BTW). Know what the answer was?

They were drafting an offer to a candidate (also not me) and that if the person didn't accept the offer they would have to engage recruiters. Looks like I know how this story is ending.

However, also during the meeting we were instructed to ask our managers at our next one on one meeting what one thing we could do better in our jobs in order to focus on it. So I asked my boss that question today. His answer?

He couldn't think of anything and needed to get back to me. He feels I'm doing such a good job he can't find any area in my performance that needs significant improvement. He aslo mentioned that he was quite pleased on how smoothly my team was running. The positive feedback was much appreciated and I said so.

Now, to top all of this off, there's a couple of projects under way that affect my particular location. I'm going to have to focus a lot of energy on them over the next few months. One of them is a project that has not been going well. One in which no one asked my advice but they should have since I know a lot about what they're doing (don't want to get too technical). It's now going very badly. And the only person talking any sense? You guessed it. Me. Guess who the project manager is now trying to get to make sure everything goes smooth? Yup. Me again. On the plus side, more people (in upper levels of management) are seeing how wide my knowledge and skills are. On the down side, if they'd realized this 8 months ago, this project would be done and completed correctly.

Anyway, I'm going to do what I always do. Namely, just go kick ass, take names, and let the results speak for themselves. I've been fairly lucky in that I seldom have to beat my own drum, so to speak. Most people figure out pretty quickly how good I am. So I'll keep you guys posted on how things were going.


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