One extra day

We had a typical weekend at our household. Maverick went on a camping trip with his boy scout troop. Yes, people in the cold. They got a cabin in one of the local parks. And guess which kid was crazy enough to sleep outside in a tent? You got it, Maverick. Both Friday night and Saturday night. And the little nut was actually warmer in his tent than the scouts and dad's in the cabin. I, of course, stayed nice and warm at home with the Wife.

Saturday was a mini-retreat at church for Grasshopper since he's making his first Reconcilliation this year. I was asked to play music at the retreat so it was fun. And Grasshopper learned some really cool things. What he remember's most is the tradition that when a priest is ordained, the priest's mom gives up her diamond to put on a chalice that only that priest uses. The Wife was horrifed at the thought of course. We would encourage our boys to be priests if they have that calling, but they ain't getting her diamond, let me tell you.

Sunday was teaching Family Faith formation followed by playing 5 pm Mass. Good thing they fed us afterwards. So when did we get anything done, you ask? Well, today, actually.

Last night and today were very cold, with wind chills in the sub-zero category. This morning when I got up, it was 6 degrees. I turn on the TV to check the news, and they're scrolling school closings. As it turns out, the boys got a snow day. Or perhaps an ice day. The wind chills were so bad they didn't let the kids go to school.

Normally I would enjoy a day home with the boys. But as it turns out, I travelled to Schenectady today so the Wife stayed home instead. She got a chance to do a lot of the things we didn't do this weekend. I had originally planned to drive to Schenectady, but on Friday the forcast called for crappy weather, so I wrode the train instead. Best decision I ever made. The cost of the train ride is about the same as renting a car and fuel, and I got to ride in comfort. AND get some work done on the trip. I think I'll be doing that much more often. It's much more comfy and far less stressful.

Tomorrow is an all day meeting for work, so I'll probably spend the ride back catching up on work stuff. I'll try and keep up with everyone this week. Always so much going on. Hope everyone enduring the cold weather is staying warm.


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