Talking to the Big Guy

So Wednesday I had lunch, one on one, with the CIO. As it always is with him, the conversation was winding, going into many different directions. We started out talking general business, talking about things like tablet PC's, remote access solutions, and virtual server technology. All pretty standard IT stuff. But then he dropped the question and we got to the meat of the converstation.

He asked me flat out, "How much longer do you see yourself doing your current job?"

Now we got into the REAL converstation. We talked about many things. I mentioned my interest in a new position opening up that would effectively let me leap frog my boss and have him reporting to me. He asked me the ONE question I hadn't prepared for dammit! He asked me why the job interested me. I had prepared to discuss my qualifications for the job, what I thought I could do, etc. But not the why. I recovered fairly well and talked about it being a new challenge and looking for more responsibility. But how do you tell the CIO you want the job because you're ready to take any new job in the department that would mean a promotion?

We talked about some of my other interests in the department and how I might be able to start working with other areas to learn more skills. It was pretty obvious that he's looking to provide more opportunities for me and sees that I have potential. I, of course, agree with him. I believe over the last year I've effective shown him that I have a broad knowledge level and can be successful in any role in the department. It's good to know that's paying off. The new position should be posted internally soon and I certainly plan to formally apply. We'll see what happens. Bottom line is that I'll still keep my eyes open and keep doing what I do. Pretty soon I think I'll be able to get on to bigger and better things. Nice that the big boss recognizes that drive and is willing to assist me in the pursuit.

Next up a post on the leadership seminar I attended and what I discovered about my leadership style and the styles of those I work with.


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