Possible Opportunities

This is a bit convoluted, so I'm going to go back in time a little. I'll start by saying that Wednesday I'm having lunch with our CIO. It may be significant. Here's why.

Before Christmas, we had our monthly department meeting with our CIO. He mentioned that he was disappointed that no one stepped up to want to manage our systems integration project that will take the next several years. After the meeting, I mentioned to him that I might be interested. As it turns out, he was looking for some very specific experience in converting from one application to another, which I do not have. However, he asked if I had a few minutes to chat with him. He's a people person and likes to chat. We went back to his office and talked about a few things, mostly my thoughts on how the new IT organization was working, how things were going in my area, what do I think about how the two locations work together, that sort of thing. Towards the end he asked me what my ambitions were. I mentioned I was interested in more responsible positions. He then asked if I'd thought about doing any work in areas of IT outside my direct area of expertise. Before we could really discuss it, he had to run to another meeting as said he's set up a lunch date next time he was in town to discuss further. Said lunch meeting was promptly scheduled for 1/16, this Wednesday.

Fast forward to last week. My boss calls a meeting with myself and my counterpart down the thruway to discuss changes to the department. It's confidential until the next departmental meetings with the CIO at the end of last week. What did we talk about? Changes to the organizational structure. I didn't impact me directly, since my job didn't change and my boss didn't change. There were some interesting changes to other areas. HOWEVER.....

Right now my boss reports directly to the CIO. In the new organizational structure, there will be a NEW position that reports directly to the CIO and my boss, along with 3 other functional areas, will report to THAT person. Guess who updated his resume and started prepping for a conversation with the CIO?

Mind you, I'm not trying to read much into the fact that the CIO was asking me about my future plans and areas of interest AND scheduled a one on one lunch meeting with me. BUT...it wouldn't hurt to be prepared to discuss my thoughts on this new position and how I might be qualified to fill it, now wouldn't it? Interestingly enough, due to my various career travels, I've actually got experience in nearly all the areas this person would be responsible for, project management, quality assurance, and customer service.

It should be an interesting meeting. We'll see how it goes.


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