Jenny Made Me Do It

I got tagged by Jenny, so you can blame her for this. Unless you think it's really cool, then I'll take all the credit.

The rules:
The person tagged must copy the word and paste the definitions of the word contributed previously by the people who did the meme. Link backs would be nice, but not necessary.

The person tagged must then add their own definition in this format ‘’s definition’ and place your link. Being creative with the acronym is encouraged.

Answer the following questions.
tag 5 other people to do the meme.


1. Do you know what your blog is really about, and you can write a one-sentence promotional material for it in a flash? If yes, write it here. If no, skip this.

2. Do you join social networks to promote your blog? If yes, do you hope to find friends in these social networks and in the process get regular readers of your blog? If no, skip this.

3. Do you or do you plan to join ranking sites that put your blog in competition with others for popularity? If yes, do you or do you plan to monitor your stats regularly? If no, skip this.

4. Do you tweak your blog often in accordance with the tips you get from blogging guides and gurus? If yes, list the bloggers you visit often to obtain these tips. If no, skip this.

5. Do you think of your next post even if you have just written a new one? If yes, list your inspirations for posting, and/or some routines that you go through before posting. If no, skip this.

Blego :

Jennyjinx’s Definition:-n. Blogger that’s so full of self-importance they believe they deserve a special place in the blogging hall of fame and if they don’t get this recognition they will throw “hissy fits”, get their “knickers in a twist” and/or cry many tears in their beer.

My Definition: n. New food product designed for children trying to get out of school. Similar to a waffle, ingesting this product makes a child look so ill a parent will keep them home from school.


1. It's about whatever I feel like writing at the time. Truthfully, it's all about me. Isn't everything? One sentance promotional material? Rocker Guy. That says it all.

2. Nope.

3. Nope.

4. Nope.

5. I have a hard enough time thinking of the post I'm working on, let alone the next one. Though sometimes I have a few posts in mind. But not often.

Ok, I won't tag anyone, unless you want to do the meme. However, I will give Jenny a cyber smack on the ass for tagging me in the first place. You know you like it Jenny!


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