Back to the Grind

Tomorrow the boys FINALLY go back to school and things can get back to a semblance of normal. Unlike most school districts, ours decided to give the kids two full weeks off, which is totally insane. Luckily I've managed to at least stay on top of my email at work so I don't go back to a total mess.

Last night we went to see the Golden Compass. There's been a lot in the media about this being a bad movie for Christians since the author is an athiest. It's supposed to be particularly anti-Catholic since the bad guys are the Magesterium, a word also used by the Church to describe the teaching of the faith. After seeing the movie, I was left wondering what the big deal was. There were nearly no religious undertones in the movie, beyond the fact that the bad guys were shown as a quasi-religious group. And the religous aspect was not played up at all, just that these guys are trying to control what everyone thinks. I didn't leave the theater with a feeling that my faith was shaken or that this film attacked any group in particular. It was a harmless fantasy movie. The movie itself wasn't too bad. Great effects. The story was a tad confusing at times. Kind of like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movies. So much of the story required more detailed exposition that you can't do in under 2 hours. Even the Wife, how usually doesn't pay too close attention to plot, noticed some glaring plot holes. But again, pretty good entertainment. The boys were enthralled and really enjoyed the movie.

I also got a chance to watch the Democratic half of the debates yesterday. I'm glad I did. I was very disappointed in Hillary. She kept saying she has this track record of change and has done all these things, but never gave any specific examples. She mentioned her time in Arkansas and Washington in tackling big issues, but what she didn't say is that she was a politician's wife during those times. Other than whispering in Bill's ear, I was trying to figure out how that showed she'd been an agent of change.

Barak kind of annoyed me in that he was real quick to jump in if he felt attacked. He too had little substance, other than to also say he was the "agent of change". One good bit was when he said he'd reformed laws that say lobbyists can't buy Congressmen meals. Charlie Gibson pointed out that the rule defines "meal" as sitting down, so if people don't sit, you can spend all the money you want and it doesn't break the rules. Barak had no answer for that one.

Edwards impressed me with his fire and his passion, as well as examples of trying to pass legislation based on his convictions. I'm hoping he gets the nomination. The person that really impressed me was Governor Richardson. He's the only candidate on the Dem side that's done the kinds of things a President does, actually run a government. He had some very good points and some ideas I liked. Unfortunately, I don't think he's got a snowball's chance in hell.

We'll see who's left by the time this circus comes to New York. I believe the primary here is Feb. 5, so I'm sure they'll be fewer candidates by then.


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