Public Service Announcement

Hope you all had a great Christmas. We got lots of goodies. The thing that's getting the most play time is our new Wii. Target had a sale today so the boys got a game each. We've mostly been playing the sports games, especially bowling and billiards. Even the Wife got into it. I challenged her to a game of bowling vowing to kick her ass. Of course, she beat me. My other favorite new toy is a clock radio dock for my Ipod. Now I can listen to tunes through a good set of speakers. I'll need to get one of the under the cabinet types for the kitchen.

However, this post is not about me. I'm posting on behalf of the Wife for all of you ladies. We went shopping the other day and she got a new pair of shoes she really likes. They're by Sofft. Here is the actual shoe (brown color) she got (which she looks totally hot in, by the way). She needed something to go with her new brown cordoroys. She wore them to work today for the first time and pronounced them the most comfy shoes EVER! They have a padded sole, and when I say padded, it's like a temurpedic pillow in your shoe. She wasn't sure she'd like them but now loves them and wants to get a pair of flats to wear to DC when we go in the spring. Plus, she got a good deal on them since they were on sale for Christmas.

So if you want to get a really comfy pair of shoes (and I KNOW you ladies don't have enough shoes), then check these out.


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