Intersting Article

This weekend has been the "Weekend From Hell" for us, but it's finally over. I won't go into much detail on it. Only thing I'll say is that I did have a chance to finally put my Brian May guitar through it's paces at Mass tonight, and I was quite pleased with the result. The guitar "growls", which is totally cool! Now I know how Brian gets those sounds.

Anyway, the real reason I wanted to post was because of an article I skimmed in today's paper. It turns out that modern technology (cell phones and caller ID) is making it harder for pollsters to get results. Where as in the 80's, 40 percent answered the phone for polls, now it's about 20%. The fear (for the pollsters) is that it's getting so hard to do polls, they're concerned that the results may no longer be valid. THIS means that politicians may not have reliable polls to go on.

Let's think about this for a moment. Politicians won't be able to use polls to figure out what their constituents are thinking so they know what position they should take on an issue. This might mean (gasp!) they'd actually have to MEET WITH and TALK TO their constituents! They wouldn't have as much time to meet with special interest groups and raise money for campaigns! OR.... it might mean that (double gasp!) politicians might have to (hold on to your seat here) ACTUALLY FORM THEIR OWN POSITION ON AN ISSUE! Or worse, ACTUALLY DEFEND THEIR POSITION!

Think about it people, what would happen to our system of government if politicans didn't have polls to tell them what to think? They might have to spend valuable time researching an issue, gathering facts, compiling arguements to give out to their consituents to educate them on the issue and why a particular position is the correct one. If we can no longer rely on the polls to tell politicians what to think, it might result in the collapse of our political system as we know it!

So let's hope the polls go the way of the dinosaur, eh?


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