One day of peace

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Weather here was perfect, mid 70s and sunny! Maverick had a 15 mile bike event/campout with the Boy Scouts Saturday. I dropped him off in the morning and didn't see him again until the next morning. Talk about a little slice of heaven! Grasshopper was so easy to be around when it was just him to deal with. We did lots of fun stuff, he had some friends come over to play and didn't have to compete with his big brother, all in all a very relaxing day. I also got some outside stuff done, like patching some bare spots on the lawn.

Sunday morning Faith On Fire got to play a mass with the 9:30 Sunday group I used to work with. It was a lot of fun, though our drummer couldn't make it so we didn't get the "full effect". It was a little tough for us as the 9:30 group is a folk group and our tempos are a little faster. Still, it went over well. We got plenty of positive feedback after the Mass. It might be a little conceited of me (yes, I know it's hard to beleive) but my favorite thing was after our Communion meditation song. We did a song that's in the Faith on Fire repetoire that I sing lead and really just moves me. Afterwards, the congregation spontaneously broke into applause. Nothing makes you feel better as a musician than to touch your audience.

This week it's back to the old grind. Lots of kid related stuff going on, sports, etc. With the school year almost over, the boys will have cool field trips (Grasshopper got to go the zoo last week, Maverick goes to a local amusement part next week) plus getting ready for summer camp. Plenty to keep the Wife and I busy. Weather this week will again be awesome (sunny, low 80s, no rain). Hope your week is as nice!


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