Boy are we tired

The Wife and I are pretty exhausted from this weekend. Here's some of the highlights:

Friday - I had a golf tournament, which while fun, kicked my ass. Very challenging course but great fun. I even hit a few good shots. And only went through 8 or 9 balls. Good day indeed.

Saturday - Maverick got up at 6:30 IN THE FREAKING MORNING! Don't know what was up with that kid, but that combined with allergies on my part and trouble getting good night's sleep in the Wife's part made for very tired people. We just did the usual Saturday stuff but it takes it's toll on you.

Sunday - Grasshopper gets up at 6:30 IN THE FREAKING MORNING! I still got allergies, Wife still not sleeping awesome so we're even more tired. The boys had soccer games as part of a tournament. The Wife did that while I and my bro did landscaping in the front of the house. In the direct sun. In 84 degree heat. Which around here is pretty hot. The poor Wife wore her Birkenstocks to the boy's games and after only about 1 hour, now has stripes on her feet from the sun. Luckily, it isn't sunburned. Anyway, all the hard work was worth it. You can see the results below, including the cute little Wife wearing the kick ass pants she got at Eastern Mountain Sports. They roll up into capris if you want and are nice and light weight. Now if she only had her tank top on, that would make her irresitably hot. Anyway, hope you like what we did with the place. The Wife didn't get to see the plants before we bought them and the tree we ended up with wasn't what we'd planned to get. You be the judge:


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