Let it rain

Today we recieved much needed rain. Mostly in the form of torrential downpours. I had heard that we might get thunderstorms today, but thought it would be late afternoon. I was leaving work at about 2 to take the boys to a doctor's appointment and it was supposed to be near 90 today, so I figured it would be a good idea to crack the sunroof and windows in the car.

Guess what time the thunderstorms showed up? Can you?

Right around 1 pm. I was on the phone interviewing an internal candidate for an open position when I thought I heard rain and thunder. I put him on hold and looked out the window. POURING. RAIN. HORIZONTAL. IN. SHEETS. Shit.

My interviewee was willing to let me run out to the car to close the windows, but by then it was too late. No use getting soaked. The rain came down so hard that not only were my front seats wet, my cup holders had puddles in them. It was quite the pleasant drive home. But at least my work pants soaked up most of the water on the driver's seat.

So perhaps next time I'll learn my lesson and suck it up when it's hot and thunderstorms threaten. Maybe.


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