Sucking up 101

The boys were extremely polite today and got along really well. They were all "please" and "thank you" and helping each other out. At dinner, Grasshopper got a drink out of the fridge and not only offered to give some to Maverick as well, but poured for him. Each one was going out if his way to help the other.

Their motiviation? Of course, they wanted to play Game Cube together. I was not very pleased yesterday when all they did is argue. Now, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I milked this for as long as I could, letting them be as helpful as they wanted. However, at some point I had to reward them and actually let them play Game Cube, since they were indeed behaving very well.

So finally, I let them play together, expecting the ususal arguing and complaining. To my surprise, they both played quite well together. They spoke loudly as they played, but volume control is not their forte. They didn't fight with each other and only complained a little when I told them their game time was up and they hadn't finished their level yet. But they did turn it off before I had to force the issue, so all around they had a good evening.

Now if this could only continue.


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