Deep Freeze

It's just damn frigid outside. Rochester is going to be cold for about the next two weeks, with temps expected somewhere around the teens the whole time. Right now it's blowing like crazy. In just a few hours, I went from a clear driveway to about a foot of snow. I could go out and snowblow it but it's too damn cold and windy. I'll mess with it in the morning.

We saw something tonight we've never seen before: lightning. There was a flash outside and both the Wife and I looked at each other and said "what the fuck?" A moment later came the thunder. That's the first time I've ever seen lightining in the winter. There's some serious weather shit going on tonight. Thankfully, we all toasty in the family room with the fire going. We had a nice family game of Scrabble while the cat lounged in front of the fire. The cat is at the point now that if she's cold and the fireplace isn't on, she'll lie in front of it and give us the "look". She trying to apply that kitty Jedi mind trick that makes us get up and turn it on. We dissapoint her sometimes, but too bad. If the fireplace isn't lit, she'll go between the heat register and the curtain to stay warm.

Anyway, if any of you are in the Northeast, stay warm this weekend. We're going to Sis' house tomorrow for the nephews' birthday party so we'll see how it goes. My sister's boys can be quite the little hellions if they want.


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