What I did New Year's Eve

I'm sure most of you attended parties, enjoyed festivities, or generally partied it up on New Year's Eve. What did we do? Paint Maverick's room.

We'd been talking about it for quite a while. We'd been agonizing over the color but on Saturday the 30th, we finally found one we liked, Colonial Blue. It went well with the curtains the Wife wanted to put in the room. The original plan was that the Wife would do the painting. Cool! I was off the hook!

We'd purchased the paint and supplies on Saturday and on Sunday after Church, we emptied out the room and the Wife began to tape. She wasn't done by lunchtime, so after lunch I finished up the taping and then had to run out to get a couple of last minute little things. Before I left, I got the primer for the room ready and cut all the corners. I then turned over the painting to the Wife while I ran out to Home Depot.

Now, I was gone for maybe 45 minutes. Having painted quite a few rooms before, and knowing we were only putting up one coat of primer, I had expected the Wife to be done priming the room when I got back. However, her arms were not used to the awkwardness of a roller. She'd only done about 2 walls.

So just imagine who took pity on his Wife finished painting the room for her? Yup, it was me. Now, mind you, it isn't like she twisted my arm or gave me the pouty face or promised hot sex or anything. I simply knew that we had limited daylight and that it needed to get done while there was still available light.

So off I went, to put up a coat of primer in half the room then two coats of the new color. The Wife was good enough to help out with the brush work in the corners and above the trim. We kept the moldings white for a nice contrast. The room was finished up right around 4:30 just as the sun was going down. Damn were my arms and back sore! I was ready to crash, but really needed to get the tape off and some of the furniture back in the room. So I totally sucked it up and just kept going. I think the results were worth the hard work. See for yourself below.

BTW, after dinner we did have a nice family night and watched Monster House on DVD. Everyone enjoyed the movie greatly. After we put the boys to bed the Wife fell asleep in the chair and I watched the season finale of Dr. Who. She woke up just before midnight, we cried Yeah! and Happy New Year, then went to bed. Exciting times, I know.


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