It's over

I've come to a painful decision this week.

I thought it was going to last forever. I'd told myself I'd never give her up no matter what. If you'd have told me a year ago it would come to this, I would have thought you were crazy. I was so happy. Her long neck, her wonderful curves, the smoothness of her when I ran my hands over her, the way heads turned whenever I was seen with her.

But a few months ago, it all changed. You can blame one of the singers in the band really. I was completely happy and satisfied until she put suggestions in my head. Making me question everything I'd previously believed.

I tried really hard to love her. Did everything I could for her. But in the end, it turns out we just weren't compatible. It all came to a head on Wednesday. It had been building for a while, but I decided to give her one last chance. Unfortunately, she let me down. It was then I realized we just weren't compatible. I mean, she's wonderfully perfect, but just not the right one for me. So I finally broke down and admitted it. So as a result, it's over between us.


I'm going to sell my pink Ibanez RG-550. It's just not compatible with my style of playing. After upgrading the pickups and doing everything I could to make it sound the way I want, it's just not getting there. On Wednesday, I played it at a gig and I was hitting the pickup selector switch, volume, and I had to play it in a position on the neck that I preferred not to.

So I'm hunting for a new guitar. This time, however, I'm going to wait for the perfect guitar to come along. I want one that feels the same way as when I bought my Yamaha. The Ibanez is the third guitar I'd had to "settle" for as a backup. I don't want to settle again. Every now and then, I find a perfect guitar. I've played 4 so far and own 2 of them. The search is on for the 5th perfect guitar. Once I find it, the Ibanez goes up on ebay.

Unless anyone out there is interested in a very collectible and seriously upgraded Ibanez RG-550 in Road Flare Red. If you are, make me an offer.


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