Am I evil? Yes I am

I haven't had much time to blog this week as I've been tied up with the usual family stuff. And any spare time I've had in the evening I've been dedicating to music. So the internet took a back seat. I haven't even been able to catch up much reading as it's been busy at work and I haven't had much of a lunch hour this week.

I thought I would relate a story from band practice this week. I debuted a new song for the group to work on. I'd played it for a couple of members of the band and they like it. I had originally written it as a ballad, with one of the singer's voices in mind. I thought she'd have the right voice for what I was trying to do. After I played it for everyone, our bass player says to me "You're so emo!" Ouch!

Our keyboard player suggests we try rocking the song up a little. So we try it out with a couple of different tempos, and it was ok, but after a few tries, we agree that we just don't have the groove on it yet. Our keyboard player suggests adding a bridge to the song. The bass player thinks he might have something so I tell him to work out his idea and bring it back.

THEN, the keyboard player tells me I don't write any rocking songs! Excuse me? So I start playing the riff for Power of Darkness. The bassist and drummer (both teens) start making fun of the song and acting all evil and growling and stuff. I state that it's a song off of my CD. Grasshopper happened to be with me with his iPod and yells out he has the song on it. So we plug the iPod into the board and had a listen. I believe it shut everyone up for a moment. Then the keyboard player says "we need to do that song!".

Never question the Rocker Guy's skills. Emo indeed.


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