New Year's Parties

I was going to make this two posts, but decided to combine them. Mostly since I probably won't remember all the details a week later anyway. That's the problem with getting old. The memory goes.

Anyway, I had the good fortune of going to not one, but TWO parties the week between Christmas and New Years. The first was an annual gathering of the high school gang. One of the "crew" now lives in Montreal (and is a female that writes scripts for video games appealing to males) and usually is in town around Christmas, so we normally have an "adults only" gathering while she's here.

This year it was quite fun. We had food (oh, my God, tons of it. The hostess is Italian, can you tell?). After we'd chowed and had a few drinks, we decided to play board games. So we pulled out Trivial Pursuit, 80s edition. Holy shit, talk about making you feel old! I specialized in the music category and the hostess' husband in sports. He was so good he'd know the answer before the question was even finished! Anyway, it was a blast just hanging and playing games. We need to do that more often.

Friday was a "band" party at one of the singer's houses. I brought the kids since it was a family gathering. The Wife stayed behind as she wasn't feeling well and hadn't slept much the night before. They boys had a great time and got to shoot pool and go in the hot tub. Yes, they got to use a hot tub, in December, in New York. I brought the boys home around 8:30 and went back to the party, where the real fun began.

By the time I got back, all the teens in the band had gone to a movie, so only adults were left. And more wine came out. And great quantities were consumed, though not by me. I'm not much of a drinker. But damn is it fun to watch other people when they're drunk! One of the singers got very loud and happy. And then pulled down the arm in the sofa to reveal a working speaker phone. Which, of course, let to drunk dialing!

She called everyone she could think of trying to get them to make a burger run and bring it back. No one actually did, but we were laughing so hard our sides hurt. And, of course, the wine loosened up the drinkers to tell embarrassing stories they might not otherwise have told. As I said, it's quite entertaining being around drunk people.

I think I got home around 12:30, which is really late for me. Again, us old guys can't last that late. Luckily I only party like that a couple of time a year.


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