Score one for the good guys

As reported on, it appears a federal court as ruled the Dover, Penn. school district cannot teach Intelligent Design in biology class. It rightly recognizes that ID is just repackaged creationism. Which in the public school system belongs in a class on comparative religion.

I never did believe in this whole intelligent design thing anyway. Because I know who created the universe. Or more accurately, my faith tells me who created the universe. But the thing is, evolution doesn't teach or even suggest who created the universe. It's merely a mechanism. But some people's minds are too small to grasp that God's plan is bigger than human understanding and that everything written in the Bible is not literal. I'm sorry, my fundamentalist brothers and sisters, but the Earth is not a few thousand years old.

Here's my arguement agains literal translation of Genesis. Look in chapter 1. In verse 27, after God had created everything else, including the animals, He created man. In chapter 2, verse 15, he creates man. He then realizes man is alone and creates all the animals. So which way is it? Point 2: in Chapter 4, Adam and Eve have 2 sons. Cain kills Abel, and is sent away. He then has relations with his wife and has children. Where did his wife come from? It isn't his sister because he doesn't have one (remember, literal translation states 2 boys, no girls). So where does she come from?

I think this proves that some of the stories in the Bible, like Creation, are spiritual truths, not literal truths. I'm also pretty sure that Adam didn't live to be 939. People get too hung up on the numbers and the words. Here's my "Big Truth". Let's assume for a moment that all the theories of evolution of the universe are correct. There was a Big Bang billions of years ago that tossed all the elements of the universe into motion which eventually resulted in the earth as we know it. This theory assumes that all of the elements were there to begin with. There's no part of the theory that even tries to figure out where that stuff came from. Answer (for me anyway): God. Cause if you can beleive all of the stuff of the universe was just there when the Big Bang happened, it's a short leap to beleive that God always just existed as well.

Final little tidbit: The Dover school board wanted to include the following statement before the discussion on evolution: "The Dover policy required students to hear a statement about intelligent design before ninth-grade biology lessons on evolution. The statement said Charles Darwin's theory is "not a fact," has inexplicable "gaps," and refers students to an intelligent-design textbook, "Of Pandas and People," for more information."

I would like to mention that nearly all fields of science contain "inexpicable gaps". Because our knowledge is never complete. Should we then disregard all scientific theories becasue we can't explain everything? Duh, that's what science is about. Trying to explain the unexplainable.


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