Crazy Christians

Ok, here's the latest example that the world has lost it's mind. Or at least the Christian world. It seems that some "megachurches" have decided to close on Christmas day. Why you may ask? Becuase they're afraid attendance will be low. That's right, people, a CHURCH is afraid that it's congregation will decide to stay home on a SUNDAY that HAPPENS TO ALSO BE CHRISTMAS.

Am I missing something here? I don't know about other Christian denominations, but Christmas is the most packed Mass of the year after Easter. I know that many people like to go Christmas Eve and all, but Sunday morning Masses are well attended also. The fact that it falls on a Sunday this year is a bonus for us since now we don't have to go to a Sunday Mass and a Christmas Mass. For example, when Christmas is on a Monday next year, Catholics will attend Sunday and Monday. What a deal!

I don't get what the hell is wrong with these denominations. How can you not have a service of some kind on Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of our Lord? The article I read said these "megachurches" were going to send DVDs home for the families to watch and spend some "quality" time with Jesus and the family. I'm sorry, I thought that's what going to Chruch was about. How poor are these people's faith that they'd rather stay home? I'm so confused? Can any of you other Christians out there explain it to me?

I guess this is what happens when you have "faith" without direction. One of the Ten Commandments says to keep hoy the Sabbath. Shouldn't this mean spending some time with the Lord and your faith community? I feel sorry for those people in these congregations that actually want to attend a Christmas service and now cannot. Perhaps they'll find a better chruch that will meet their spiritual needs. Cause closing on Christmas doesn't seem to be the way to meet your congregation's spiritual needs.


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