Battling the Viruses

I've been battling a cold for about the last week. I'm not sure which of us is winning. I'm trying to take it easy and get some rest, but every time I overcome one sympton, another seems to take its place. I've had a sore throat, headache, stuffy head/nose, and now a cough and ache in my chest. The ache in my chest kept me up most of the night so I'm a very tired and extra cranky guy today. Working on less than 4 hours sleep does that to me.

I may have to engage in peace talks with the viruses coursing through my body and explain that my schedule does not allow for me to be ill until perhaps sometime in the middle of January. If they would care to make an appointment with me then, I'll check my calendar. I may be able to squeeze them in for a few hours.

Not helping all of this today is the fact that some changes were made to our email system last night that broke access to certain mailboxes. I figured out what the problem is, but even though I'm the exchange administrator, I have not yet been given admin access to our new exchange server. Meaning I can't fix the problem and the person that can won't be in until noon.

Frustrations when I'm cranky I don't need. I'm now off to find some cheese to compliment my whine. Or perhapes simply some wine to relieve my crankiness.

On a completely unrelated note, I've added a new link on my sidebar. It's for Serra. Check out her site. It's pretty cool. Tell her I sent you. Serra, no thanks are necessary, though cash is appreciated, especially in large bills.


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