Back to the grind

First, I'd like to say that I'm feeling much better now (thanks for asking Lois!). I'm now just my usual cranky morninged, pain in the ass self. No germs to blame being miserable on.

This week my recording engineer is back from Maine so I'm diving back into Voice of the Spirit. I've got about 3 weeks to complete it so I'll probably be going crazy with it. I'm anxious to get it done so I can put it to rest and not have this music thing hanging over my head.

On the plus side, the Wife and I have 98% of the Christmas shopping done. We have a few miscellaneous gifts to buy and that's it. Of course, we still have to wrap the presents, send Christmas cards out, make Christmas cutout cookies, and a few other things, but since it's December 5, we're in good shape. We just need to keep the momentum going.

Add on top of this I've given myself a major project at work which I've got to complete by Christmas and you can see that by December 26 I'll be dead or hopelessly insane.

Lastly, Lois suggested that if we think of gifts for a fellow blogger (money being no object) then we should post it. I'll begin by saying that if money was no object, I would give the Wife everything. Pretty simple.

I've found the perfect gift for Julie, assuming money is no object. It is the gift of freedom, from financial stress that is. I would set up a large enough bank account so she would be set as far as rent, utilities, clothing, etc and allow her to live our her dreams as a dramaturg full time without worrying about staying alive and having all the essentials. Cause you know, I'm like that. I'm a giver. Merry fantasy Christmas, Julz!


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