Getting there

Sorry I've been kind of quiet this week. Between home and work just no time to either post or read many blogs. So if it looks like I haven't been visiting, I'm trying but I can't get to everyone. I anticipate this will be true until after Christmas so if you don't hear a lot from me, I didn't go away.

I've got 8 tracks for Voice of the Spirit complete, and the 9th should be done tonight. Which leaves 3 tracks to complete the project, with an average of 2 days per track. I'm probably only going to be in the studio 3 nights next week so if my math is correct that means the CD won't be complete by Christmas. However, it will be shortly thereafter, right around the first of the new year. I also have to put artwork together for it. Maverick has been kind enough to volunteer making a CD cover for me. Hang in there everyone, it will be ready very soon. If you care to pre-order, the information is on my website. I should have some additional clips on it soon. I just need to find a little time to create the clips and put them up on the site.

If I haven't said so to everyone yet, Merry Christmas! Hope everyone's Christmas plans are coming together without too much stress. The stress level in our household has been going up and down, but I think we're going to make it without a nervous breakdown on the part of myself or the Wife. Lois, if I could get that gift of time in a bottle prior to Christmas, I would really appreciate it.


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