I don't mean to brag

But I will. My wife and I met with our son's school to go over the IEP for our younger son, who has PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder, a form of autism). We were going over his progress for the year and the plan for services for next year. As part of the process, they ran a battery of tests on him to determine his IQ and academic standing. The results - his IQ is 142, and he's only 6.

Now, in the "old" days, they would have considered this being a genious. However, they don't use this term any more. If your IQ is over like 110 or 120 (not sure of the cutoff), you're considered "superior". Once you get over that 130 threshhold, you are now "very superior". You see, my little boy can look down his nose at you superior people out there. You know who you are, you know, better than the rest of us. He's VERY superior. It's like saying that Superman is just ordinary because he's only super. My boy would be VERY Superman (with a big VS on his chest). I do so love some of the terminology they use these days.

Coming back to reality a moment, my wife and I are very please that he's an intelligent little snot. After all, with the socialization issues he has, it's nice to know he has a chance to overcome it all with his intelligence. It also turns out that he has many friends and his little peers respect his knowledge and actively seek him out. He loves to teach his classmates and give them puzzles to solve, such as "which dinosaur has short front arms and name means Thunder Lizard". And don't be trying to trick him. He has this amazing memory and will correct you if you don't get every detail correct. He was correcting his teacher's pronunciation of dinosaur names, for God's sake. Oh, yeah, we're in trouble all right.

But way to go to my little guy! Mom and dad are very proud!


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