Contest update

Just to give everyone the latest on the battle of wills going on yesterday, the Wife and I have officially "kissed and made up". No "make up" sex was involved (good luck to you Julie, however, after your weekend). I was nursing my mad on most of the day, especially after an apology was not forth coming even when I made it clear after getting home from work I was looking for one. However, we did talk it out last night, and a big hug made everything all better again. Communication is a good thing. In the Wife's defense, she didn't realize that she'd pushed one of my major buttons and didn't do that intentionally. She was merely frustrated and tired and vented. So we're cool again.

I will admit in a public forum that I could have been a little more sensitive to the little lady. However, sensitivity isn't always my strong point, though I do try. I would also like to say in my defense that my wife is a totally hot foxy babe that is damn near irresistable, so please forgive me if my common sense is clouded by desire on occasion. You should see this woman in jeans and a tight sweater. It's impossible to concentrate, I tell you. So I will try harder in the future not to be so dumbfounded in the presence of her beauty.


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