I'm soooooo sad

I got an email from an aquaintence of mine today. We were shipmates back in my Navy days. Great guy and awesome for political arguments. He said he and his wife were seperating. They have a few kids together. If always find it so sad and unfortunate when couples seperate and get divorced. I don't know why. He didn't state the reasons and we're not so close that he sent me the details. I've had a few closer friends get divorced, and the reasons were varied. Spouce treated them badly, physically or emotionally. One got married because at the time he thought that's what he was expected to do even though they didn't share the same values.

I don't know why it affects me so. I guess because I couldn't imagine divorcing my wife. Mind you, there have been times that it would have been easy to either walk out and not come back or tell her to do the same. But I could never seriously do it. A friend of ours from high school asked us how we've stayed together for over 20 years (it's been that long between dating and marriage). My immediate answer is always the same. I'm crazy about the woman. I still have that same passion for her as when we were teenagers. There was a point when we were in college that I knew when I made the right decision in proposing to her. I stopped desiring other women. I did and still do find other women attractive. But I don't want to sleep with them. I would much rather make love to my wife. Basically I'm hooked. I also like to joke that it's too much work to get another woman.

I guess that's why I don't understand why apparently good marriages break up. I just can't relate. Especially now that I have kids. I'm sure it's difficult but I couldn't imaginge telling the boys that mom and dad don't love each other anymore and won't be living together. They need both of us.

Sorry about being so serious for a moment. I get in these moods. I'm going to go work on something else for a while. Typing about this is only making me more sad, not less so. So work on your relationships out there and help restore my faith in humanity.


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