Guitar Center sucks

I can't believe it! I'm driving around looking for a place to eat tonight and don't I find a Guitar Center. So of course after dinner I just had to kill some time and browse. What a disappointment. Hundreds of guitars in there and not a one I really wanted to pick up and play. I played a few just for the hell of it. The thing that amazed me most was how every Gibson Les Paul I picked up was just HORRIBLE! They had the stickyest necks I've ever seen! And these are guitars in the $2000 range. You would think at that price they would practically play themselves. But nooooo. I don't know what that place does with them. Every time I go in there they never have anything good. Now, mind you, I'm a little picky when it comes to guitars. I've been playing long enough that I know what I like and I'm looking for something specific. But ususally they have some nice high end guitars worth at least trying. Not this one. Oh well, I managed to kill an hour or so. I'm still searching for the next perfect guitar. I've found 4 of them in my life and happen to own 3 of them. Not a bad record. I don't know why I really bother looking. I already know what I want for the next guitar (WARNING: IF YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT DETAILS OF GUITAR TYPES AND CONSTRUCTION, SKIP THE NEXT PARAGRAPH).

What I really want is a Desert Yellow Ibanez RG-550. They're not made any more so I need to get one off of Ebay or happen to find one in a guitar shop. The next is incredibly fast, 24 frets, with the locking tremelo system. I intend to take out the origial pick guard and pickups and replace them with 3 Burns Trisonic pickups wired in series with phase switches like Brian May uses on his guitar. This, of course, requires a custom pickguard and custom work on the body. No matter. I already have a hot pink RG-550 the I replaced the pickups on and I love the thing. It comes in a close second behind my main ax, my black Yamaha SG-2000. Plus it's just so flashy that everyone looks. YEH BABY!

Anyway, it's always a huge disappointment when you know just what you want and can't find it. Oh well, I'll keep looking.

Oh, and one more thing. I've heard and read a lot about how dull Paul McCartney was last night during the super bowl halftime show. The concensus amount the "critics" and "those in the know" is that essential Paul McCartney is a has been and that they should have gotten a more modern band and done something more "spectacular". My comment is this (to paraphrase Yoda): When 40 years has passed, your favorite new band in the Super Bowl will not be, eh? I'd be willing to bet a lot that most of the so called "modern bands" will be a distant memory 40 years from now while new generations will still be listening to the music Paul McCartney wrote. After all, how many bands in the last 20 years have changed music forever? Yeah, that's what I thought.


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